With an international vision and a right brand positioning strategy, A Concept is honoured to become the Design – Production Partner for Melia Yangon Hotel.

About Melia Yagon

If you talk about Melia Yangon, surely the big guys in the hotel service industry will have to respect for the level of international standards. Melia Yangon Hotel has a total of 430 international standard rooms, luxuriously furnished, with two sides facing Shwedagon Golden Temple and Inya Lake. The hotel has 3 high-class European and Asian restaurants, including a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, a gym, an outdoor pool and an international-standard spa.

With such a strong position that people often think of as “tripods”, Melia Yangon is a brand, a rank and a new level in the hospitality industry. A concept is proud to cooperate with this large group in the process of “Brand Enhancement”, which is based on its mission to affirm that the “Big Scope and good heart” in a high level competition in order to bring Melia Yangon to a new peak through Completely new look, completely unique with innovative designs based on criteria: Luxury – High class.

About the design

The design is based on the overall Melia Yangon interior on 2 trends towards the Shwedagon Golden Temple and Inya Lake. Staff uniform design focuses on comfort, refined elegance. We always pay attention to details in each seam, the oversew line and also minimalize details to create a sense of style and class. It is a symbol of typical European style.

With the service staff, it is an indispensable part of a hotel restaurant unit. In particular, this uniform touches and directly serves the needs of customers, so it can reveal the level of employees in front of guests naturally. Therefore, hygiene requirements and professional neatness are always attached to uniforms. It is not just the waitress but with all the hotel staff.

Sample uniform design of Melia Yangon staff

Based on dynamic in performance, gentle, polite in style which contributes to create a completely new look. The designer was very delicate when combining long-sleeved shirts with dark colored gile and skirt. This color is both elegant and courteous but extremely attractive. The color scheme creates a gentle beauty but extremely class. The highlight of that uniform is the middle button. A moderate balance between white and gray between a shirt and a gile shirt.

Design for receptionists (female, male)

Right at the first glance, it has a gentle, thoughtful, and caring attitude. The empire waist, sawing flap on a vest with dark trousers always leads people to the aesthetic feeling. With the female receptionist, it is the young and beautiful in the black dress and diagonal-necked dress, although there is no difference but the way to break the shirt and collar is enough to attract customers.

The uniform of Melia Hotel Yangon manager

The shirt is pressed with the details of the left side pocket combined with a matching tie create a line on the tone of the dark shirt.


Aesthetics are always highlighted in Aconcept’s design. But for designing uniforms for Melia Yangon, aesthetics are pushed to a new level. Aesthetics comes from simplicity and aesthetics that come from the smallest details. Careful from the selection of fabric materials, designs to production processes. Each stage is selected most carefully and elaborately.

Below is a picture of Melia Yangon uniform. Quality comes from sophistication, seemingly simple but extremely destructive.

Aconcept promises to be a strategic partner on the path of your brand identity. Aconcept goes hand in hand with the most developed service in the world. A Concept is a solid fulcrum for professional tourism makers to dominate the market.


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