About us

Nowadays, UNIFORM is understood not only as a uniformity clothe of an organization, but also clearly reflects: Culture, Strategy, Potential, Integration…Moreover, UNIFORM is an inseparable element in the BRAND IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM.

Acknowledging those important roles of uniform, A concept provides the most professional BRAND IDENTIFICATION solution throughout our services: CONSULATION, DESIGN, UNIFORM SUPPLY.

Aconcept company – office uniform.

A Concept confidently brings the unique and most appropriate CONCEPT for customers. Established with the aim of elevating your brand by the brand identity system through staff uniforms. ACONCEPT owns a team of young designers with a spirit of enthusiasm, passion, creativity who always brings their youth and excitement, and personality to the soul of the designs. In addition to the insolvency, rebellion in new designs, ACONCEPT still retains the shapes and styles that match the requirements of customers.

In addition to designing and sewing uniforms, ACONCEPT also:

  • Providing all kinds of made uniforms such as restaurant uniform, hotel uniform, spa uniform…
  • Printing as required in the uniform, printing and embroidering logo as required…

Going together with a team of designers who are always searching, creative, and working hard is a factory system with skilled and experienced staffs. Desiring to bring the most perfection product, sewing staffs at ACONCEPT always put care, meticulosity and quality in each stage of production: cutting, assembling, and accurate needle stitch. As the founder’s mind of ACONCEPT, quality always comes with prestige and a completed product is the effort of a team so every department have to do their job well whether it is the smallest function. The system of machinery and equipment at the factory are advanced, imported and constantly changed to keep up with the trend, capacity and demand of the service which is constantly innovating day by day.

Value of ACONCEPT product:

  • Professional staff is the face, the brand reputation of ACONCEPT.
  • ACONCEPT’s products are the result of creativity, effort, and dedication of the team – the ACONCEPT staff.

ACONCEPT’s mission

Brand identification mission which helps your customers always remember your brand whenever they see the color and uniform that your staff is wearing.

Not only the BRAND IDENTIFICATION MISSION, ACONCEPT also brings you modern, creative trend which follows the modern fashion but still remains the good quintessence of the previous designs.

ACONCEPT’s principles of operation.

  1. Quality is survival: Constantly striving to reach the completion to meet customers’ expectations in each ACONCEPT branded product.
  2. Unite to create strength: Respect, respect the diversity of each individual and the identity of each locality are the principles that we aim for.
  3. Co-existence: We believe that we need to maintain mutually beneficial and developed relationships with suppliers and other businesses. Having the most friendly relationship to gain the support of the agencies.
  4. Sincere, honest and progressive: is the key to coexist and develop illustrated by cultural behavior that is responsible for each individual and company.

5.Customer care: To be able to create intimacy in conversations we always renew and ask for good communication, understand the product to bring the most authentic products to the consumers.

  1. Always train, improve ability, vision, skills and ideal for employees

Customer policy:

ACONCEPT is always ready to assist customers with the best from consulting, fabric selection, design to product delivery and feedback.

If the product has a technical problem that cannot be fixed, (or due to a manufacturing error), which is not the same as the sample that the customer has placed before. Customers will be allowed to exchange new products

Product return policy is applied in the following cases:

The time of request for exchange or return of goods must not exceed the prescribed number of days

Support for return shipping costs due to technical errors

Come to ACONCEPT, because we not only provide uniforms but also are ambassadors of our customers.

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