A Concept Co., Ltd. would like to send special thanks to customers. Those who have trusted and chosen us become the office uniforms sewing partner. And one of the businesses who put their trust in A Concept’s designs is the Phu My Golf Hotel.

Phu My Golf Hotel is a new symbol of Phu My city. It has modern and sophisticated architectural style of a high-class resort hotel. Coming to Golf Phu My Hotel, you will feel the excellent service quality. Satisfied with the professional service attitude of a team of considerate and enthusiastic staff here. The professionalism, class, modernity and sophistication of Phu My Golf Hotel are also shown through the uniform designs of the staff.

Green is the symbol color of Phu My Golf. Therefore, colors in uniform designs have 2 green colors. In addition, it is added white, gray and light brown.

About Phú My Golf uniform

Receptionist uniform

With version 1, the hotel receptionist uniform is polite and luxurious. Design includes men’s shirts and trousers, skirts and shirts for women. The distinctive green color is applied subtly in the collar, the hem of the sleeves and along the middle of the shirt. With the design of a woman’s shirt, the shoulders are sewn slightly and the blue bow is the highlight of the collar.

In version 2, the receptionist uniform has a yellow background. The green capsules are added as the highlight of the neckline, sleeves and pockets. With female receptionist uniforms, gentle and graceful features are exuded through a long-sleeved dress design with a strange wrist.

Receptionist supervisor, housekeeping supervisor và restaurant supervisor uniform

In the hotel & restaurant industry, Supervisor is the term used to refer to supervisors who have an effective role in helping hotel managers. Therefore, the receptionist supervisor uniform must be slightly different from the receptionist. The power increased thanks to the light gray of the shirt. The iconic green is still retained at the neckline, with the female shirt design, the front part is delicate.

Officer uniform

Office staff at Phu My Golf Hotel is invested in extremely high image. Uniform design exudes class and professionalism. Version 1 is almost the same as the supervisor’s uniform.

With 2 version (officer option 2), both male and female staff wear blue striped shirts with high necks for male and round necks for female. Outer jacket is an attractive black vest.

Restaurant uniform

In addition to comfortable room service, the restaurant in the hotel is the second factor to help keep guests longer. Not only luxury restaurant space and unresisting delicious dishes, The Phu My Golf Hotel is also meticulously cared for staff uniforms. The restaurant staff uniform has two options bringing a flexible and eye-catching feel. The first design, the shirt design is with uneven shoulders. The color of the shirt is divided into two different colors between the body and the sleeve

With the second design, popping into the eyes of the customers is the freshness of the dress, which is worn by the typical green pants of the hotel.

Housekeeping uniform

Housekeeping uniform is a harmonious combination between light brown and dark green. Recognizing ingenuity through their hands makes the hotel always clean and beautiful.

Technical staff uniform

Although technical staff seems less likely to appear in front of customers, they still receive the attention from the hotel leaders and invest in images through their work uniforms. Technical staff at Phu My Golf will appear with a cool image in a gray suit. Designed with the front and back pockets on both sides for work and small items needed.

Security uniform

Security uniforms of the hotel creates the strength and elegance with light brown shirts. The shoulder part is added to the red color as a highlight.



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