Sewing uniforms for businesses is a right and wise choice of leaders. But that is also a difficult choice. Difficulty in choosing a professional and reputable uniform provider. Because the sewing uniform company is the deciding factor for the quality of uniforms. A Concept is one of the units that is trusted many businesses. A Concept is honored to have many selected units to tailor hotel uniforms including the famous 5-star hotel in Saigon, Sheraton hotel and towers.

About the Sheraton Saigon

Sheraton Saigon Hotel is a great destination when bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Located in the city center, it will be a convenient place for you to visit tourist attractions and entertainment areas in Saigon. All guest rooms have different characteristic comfort. Many rooms are especially equipped with smart facilities to please the most demanding guests. The recreational facilities of the hotel are designed to give you the relaxation. Sheraton Saigon Hotel is a smart choice for travelers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sheraton Hotel is also known for its quality service and friendly staff. And to highlight the great hotel staff, the hotel uniform is the most effective tool. A Concept gives Sheraton employees confidence, comfort and impressive office fashion style.

Representative of Sheraton hotel and towers

“As a 5-star international hotel located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, we pay close attention to the hotel identification image. Therefore, it is important for us to choose a uniform supplier and have a significant concern about it. Uniforms not only ensure the  quality but also show the class. A Concept has done that. We are extremely pleased with the product as well as the quality of service and are willing to cooperate with A Concept in the future. ”

Let us take a look at the impressive hotel uniforms that received the compliments of the representative of Sheraton hotel and towers.

Key colors of uniform.

Pattern formats are printed in the cloth

Shirt buttons are used

Doorman uniform

Warm and polite greeting. Doorman is an employee in charge of welcoming customers from the hotel gate, they are trained to be professional and polite in each gesture. The doorman uniform is designed to be modernized Ao Dai of men, with long sleeves and the difference is located in the buttons that are not on the flank but sewn on one side in the front shirt. Combined with Ao Dai is the circular headgear which has the same color as the sleeve.

Receptionist hostess uniform.

Charming and graceful are these words for this kind of uniform.. The Sheraton Saigon women’s uniform is the Ao Dai with lap of dress has its length as the calf which is convenient for moving, and make it more lovely and soft  thanks to the flower pattern in front of the chest.

FO/FO DEPT uniform

FO / FO DEPT uniform is designed to be stylish and eye-catching. Especially uniforms for women,it is not only graceful with respectable skirts but also is a shirt designed with 3 buttons and used a belt to highlight the body’s shape.

F&B Saigon Cafe hostess uniform

Bring thousands of flowers into the design. Who will tell the office uniform is not so colorful when not seeing the uniform design of F&B Saigon Cafe hostess. It is a modernized Ao Dai, not boring because A Concept has added chrysanthemum motifs on a cool blue cloth background.

FO/ Bell boy uniform

FO / Bell boy uniform is sewn with a shirt worn on the waistcoat. Waistcoat is designed quite strange with a button style like the style of Ao Dai.

Concierge Uniform (male)

Masculine and strength with shirts and vests of office men. A design with short necks and no ties, minimalistic with not too sophisticated vest. Another version is sewn with a high neck and with a tie, the outer garment is a vest with delicate cut lines.

F&B Lobby Lounge uniform

Housekeeping uniform

In the professional hotel, the image of the housekeeping staff must be also the most proper. The haft hand clothes are comfortable but special with asymmetrical checkered patterns.




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