Oakwood Residence Saigon

As an apartment hotel, located in the most rapidly developing urban center of Phu My Hung, right next to SC VivoCity and Mapletree Business Center. Located in the heart of a wealthy residential area with a crowded foreign community. Oakwood Residence Saigon has a prime location and is convenient for all activities.

With 237 rooms, from studio apartments to three-bedroom apartments, are fully furnished. Oakwood Residence Saigon is suitable for short-term and long-term stays. Facilities include a wide range of smart modern services and facilities for guests. Oakwood Residence Saigon not only focuses on service quality, facilities, but also its commercial image. In order to enhance professional image, Oakwood Residence Saigon has chosen A Concept, a unit specializing in designing, measuring and sewing work uniforms.

Inspiration of natural colors

With magnificent luxury and world-class service of Oakwood Residence Saigon, A Concept knows that it is necessary to create outstanding uniforms. Designed with 4 main colors which are green, purple pink, light yellow and gray, the color of the dress is the first message that the uniform is aimed at. They will also feel the message through color immediately. The colors of the uniforms mean brand identity and contain the messages that the brand aims for.

Green is the color of growth, freshness and nature. Interior design with wood materials, customers will be more comfortable and close to nature than ever. Pink rose is the color of dreaming. At Oakwood Apartments, you can live your life dream. Light yellow on the uniform is stable and solid. Staff wearing yellow clothes will show clarity and elegance. These colors are harmoniously coordinated by A Concept designer. The exquisite combination creates beautiful uniforms. Uniforms contribute to the confidence of the wearer.

The staff uniform consists of a reception uniform and a officer uniform. However, with its grandeur, officer uniform of the Oakwood Residence apartment hotel also has many versions to change. Let’s take a look at Oakwood Residence’s uniform designs.

Reception uniform

The reception uniform is the face of the hotel, because the receptionist is the first and direct contact with the customer. Reception uniforms stand out with pink purple. Men’s reception uniform has two types of long sleeves and short sleeves. Uniforms for female receptionists are often Áo Dài, but how to make a difference with other hotels? The reception uniform at Oakwood was first highlighted by color, followed by a short design of knee-length dresses, splits, and is combined with a dark blue dress.

Officer uniform

There are 7 options of uniform for the officer.

Option 1, the officer will be very stylish with the uniform of the office with the reckless sewing lines. To add vitality to the silky gray dress, the staff will incorporate a dark blue shirt, the woman has a tie with a knot, and men will have a tie with a light blue tone.

Option 2 will be a simple uniform but extremely attractive with the mysterious black of vest.

Option 3 is an outstanding uniform with the serious and professional attitude of the officer.

Option 4 is a fancy design, will be a special attraction. With the Men’s Uniform, the shirt is outstanding with a lapel and buttons that are not in the middle but deviate to the side. Women’s uniforms are too fashionable with buttons with only 3 buttons and waist straps.

With the remaining 3 versions, it is a familiar combination of dark blue, gray and white shirts with trousers.


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