Hotel restaurant services are becoming more popular and appearing more like mushrooms after the rain so the competition is increasingly fierce. Therefore, improving service quality and creating professionalism in customer service is more important than ever. Every business wants to promote their image to customers. Every hotel wants the first impression to be professional. And to make it easier, company uniforms are an effective solution.

The hotel & restaurant uniform has helped many hotels have good impression with potential customers. Moreover, the uniform also helps the hotel restaurant to express their best brand image and business motto. Therefore, many businesses have come to A Concept to get nice and quality uniforms. A Concept is also pleased to serve many hotel and restaurant units. One of them must mention the Majestic Saigon Hotel.

Majestic Saigon hotel

Majestic Saigon hotel is one of the oldest hotels. Established since 1925 to now. Majestic Saigon hotel has undergone 94 years of construction and development. Today the Majestic Hotel is known for its elegance, hospitality and unique architectural style of French architecture. The representative of the Majestic Hotel emphasized that the Majestic Hotel is an ancient hotel, the hotel always pays attention to the brand image. Hotel uniforms have to be of classic style but equally fashionable and catch up with the trend. This is a difficult problem and let’s see how A Concept solved this uniform problem through the uniforms below.

Majestic uniforms

The uniform that we create must always show the features of the hotel. Uniforms are consistent with the brand identity of the brand. Majestic hotel stands out with classic motifs and furniture. The hotel logo bears two colors of black and gold.

Therefore, the hotel uniform has two main colors: black and gold. Black comes with power, elegance and solemnity. Costumes with black will show the elegance and solemnity of the hotel. The yellow color will create a feeling of happiness. It is also the color of wisdom and power. Yellow gives a warm feeling, increases the interest and ability to mental function. The light yellow color also carries considerable attraction. Copper gold also shows power, but using too much yellow will be counterproductive so the costumes must incorporate copper gold in a very delicate way.

Bellman uniform

Bellman uniform with golden button creates elegance and glamor (photo 

Like a musketeer, the bellman of the Majestic Hotel – the first staff contacting with customers will look extremely impressive. On the main black dress of the outfit, the copper-yellow sewing lines look extremely outstanding. And the things has to be mentioned is the delicacy through the motifs on the sleeves and two rows of decorative buttons.


Traditional ao dai is splitted. showing off the beauty of female receptionists

Luxurious and classic receptionist uniforms. The male reception will be extremely attractive with classic office shirts and black vests. Bringing elegance and nobility to female receptionists, black traditional Ao Dai is extremely effective. Majestic logo is embroidered prominently on the men’s vest and in front of the Ao Dai.

Office staff uniform

The formula of shirt + pants + vest and shirt + skirt + formal dress will not be a fashion error of office staff uniforms. To create a special feature for the outfit, the accessories are highlighted. The tie of a male employee will be in two colors, copper gold or black and with a copper gold border. With the women’s uniform, that will be replaced by the neck bow.

Uniforms for pregnant employees

It will be difficult to wear a normal office uniform if you are pregnant. Majestic Hotel  have taken this into account, and in the uniform design, there has both  3-month dress and 6-9 month uniform dresses for the staff.

Not only cares the employees who directly work with customers, the hotel also focuses on other employees by the way they take care of their staff uniforms. Let’s check out the design for other departments: flower staff uniforms, bartender uniforms, kitchen uniforms, pool staff uniforms, technical staff uniforms, housekeeping uniforms, restaurant service uniforms, restaurant supervisor uniforms, bar service uniforms.

And to create great uniform designs and get satisfaction from Majestic Hotel, A Concept is pleased to cooperate with designer Nguyen Cong Tri.



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