Restaurant and hotel business focuses on not only the quality of service, but also building images with customers. For the hotel restaurant, the most important thing is to get customers’ trust and sympathy. In addition to building facilities, investing in hotel restaurant uniforms is a necessary job. That is the reason why  New World Saigon Hotel chose to make uniforms at A Concept.

Located right in the bustling commercial center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. New World Hotel is a comfortable accommodation for those who come to Saigon. The ideal location helps customers easily visit the city and shop at the famous Ben Thanh market.

Large-scale hotel with 533 rooms, all are designed very luxurious and sophisticated European style. which are fully equipped with comfortable and modern services.

Like many other hotels, New World hotel also provides other advanced facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing area, spa services, massage,, sauna, gym, playground. Sports … You will also enjoy many delicious dishes in the polite space at the luxury restaurant. And most of visitors will be served wholeheartedly and attentively by professional staff. The staff will be available 24/24 with the most proper  and impressive uniforms to support you.

 Inspiration of design from A Concept for New World uniforms

With the design at A Concept, the hotel staff will always be great and comfortable. The designs for New World Hotel with the main colors are gray, blue, red and white. The color of the uniform will have a direct impact on the customers’ evaluation as well as contribute to the brand identity. The blue on the hotel uniform is a commitment to protecting your rights, caring and wanting to be trusted. With a warm red, A Concept wants to bring a lot of positive energy and enjoyment to the wearer. The gray and clean white will be neutral for blue and red.

The uniform designs of Dynasty restaurant staff

Dynasty is a beautiful restaurant decorated in a contemporary Chinese style, serving excellent Chinese cuisine. Therefore, the restaurant staff uniforms carry Chinese breath.

Hostess uniform

The hostess uniform has 3 designs similar to the famous Chinese cheongsam dresses. Wearing cheongsam makes the women figure to be highlighted with the upper part is tight and discreet, and the lower part is long slit up to the length of the skirt, creating a graceful and charming beauty. The cheongsam skirt is usually long and deep-slit, however, to create comfort and courtesy,A Concept has designed short skirts to the knees and is short slit on one side,  and also a non-split version.

Waiter/ waitress uniform

Men’s and women’s uniforms at Dynasty restaurant have 3 versions. Option 1 is designed with blue and no buttons, with zippers on the collar.

Option 2 is designed to combine between two colors, gray in the body part and red in the sleeves.

Option 3 is designed to stand out in red. The female staff’s shirt is buttoned on one side, similar to a Chinese dress.

Splas fool bar uniform


Splash- hostess uniform

The female hostess uniform at Splash bar is designed in 3 different versions.

Option 1 is a feminine and graceful option. The skirt is simple but still very polite. The color of the hotel is highlighted through the belt with a blue tie at the waist.

Option 2 is elegant. The elegance is made of a combination of color between blue and gray and the sleek sleeve, and the special button line.

Option 3 is personality and modern. With a rugged, long-sleeved skirt design to the knee. The design becomes strange thanks to the outer skirt with 2 straps across each other.

Splash-bartender uniform

The male bartender staff uniform is energetic and active with the pullover shirt.

Splash-waiter/waitress uniform

Uniform waiter and waitress at the Fool’s Splash bar are designed according to day and night uniforms.

The uniform has two options.

Night uniforms also have two versions, which are worn with vests.

Splash-manager uniform

Manager Uniform is designed with the shirt similar to the waiter and also with the vest. Instead of wearing  the shorts, the manager will wear trousers to distinguish.


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