About Cocobay Da Nang

Located in the tourist center of Da Nang – Hoi An. Cocobay Tourism and Entertainment Complex is a beautiful gem that stands out among the poetic scenery of Danang sea. Cocobay brings unprecedented experiences in tourism, accommodation and entertainment. Cocobay is a new symbol of trendy lifestyle.

Amidst the lively Cocobay heart, it is Muze hotel. Dressed up with an extremely creative design style about a modern city, the exquisite and impressive rooms at Muze Cocobay Da Nang will surely make visitors want to extend their vacation “one more day and night”.

To satisfy the demand for relaxation of the highest quality standards, Da Nang Muze Cocobay was born with regularly innovating and owning modern technology. Muze hotel is carefully invested in hotel and staff image. Cocobay Da Nang cooperated with A Concept to create design uniforms that best reflect what businesses want to convey. The office uniform of Muze hotel has a fresh image. Uniforms reveal youthful energy and passion for life.

When looking at the office uniform designs of Muze hotel you will have to say: “This is not just a uniform, this is a fashion style.” Office uniforms are not only beautiful but also fashionable.

Uniform Office Cocobay

The officer uniform is a harmonious combination of light gray and orange. Gray represents professionalism at work. And the orange color symbolizes brilliance and positivity. Orange also brings meaning to energy, vitality, cheer, excitement and adventure, warmth and health.

Admin office Uniform

The strong, masculine admin office uniform with a vest jacket. Inside is an orange shirt. The vest is sewn with a neckline that is modern and trendy. The admin office female uniform is an intimate combination of long-sleeved T-shirt and orange dress, with a plump design running along the front of the skirt.

Manager uniform

There are 3 versions for Uniform Manager. It must be said that managers at Cocobay are too happy that these uniform designs are extremely luxurious and classy.

You will think this is a party costume, not just a uniform.

As for the female uniform, version 1 is the T-skirt with the vest outside creating a sense of comfort for the wearer. With version 2, the design is extremely close to the wearer. The highlight lies in the bobbing part of the collar.

In versions 1 and 2, the male management uniform is worn in a combination of an internal T-shirt and an outer vest. The vest section is designed with special neck. T-shirts in version 1 are orange and round neck, and the second version being replaced by a light gray t-shirt with orange lines running down the middle of the shirt.

The third version of the male management uniform is a personality version with no top button in the shirt and a V-neck. As for the female uniform, the charm of the wearer is enhanced with a tight skirt, short sleeves. A special feature of the dress is the part of the plump on one side and the left hand.


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