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The office uniform has the highlight and attraction that the uniform must have fashionable appearance. In addition, uniforms must ensure identification of restaurants and hotels.

The reconciliation between the two above elements will help the office uniform become special. Soft, fashionable and extremely prominent is the element that this uniform shows. Here is a hotel uniform design for men and women. Simple gray pants coordinated with the cross-tied neck and a tie at the waist became the secret to help employees stand out by wearing it.

Special design

In particular, in this office uniform model is not simply a clever seam. The waistline, fitting, assembly, standard fabric are expressed through the creation in the style of shirt. The color is harmonized between the shirt details and overall color scheme of the uniform.

The style of the shirt is quite special with round neck and alternative style ( photo caption)
Unique design with the highlight at the waist ( photo caption)

Talking about the style of the shirt, it is easy to think that this shirt is too soft and feminine because the highlight is a bow which is only suitable for women. But it is absolutely an interesting highlight for both men’s and women’s uniforms. The color of the ribbon used and the texture of the collar extends to the waist area made of purple striped shirt which creates a healthy, instantly harmonious with a casual tone and the main color is white.

The sided-necked form is similar to the middle buttoned vest at first glance that contradicts the soft, gentle bow tie. It is the contrast between the formal element and the fashionable element that brings the uniform to a new level of the strange, the different, the monopoly, making the viewer unable to leave their eyes out of it.

Overall harmony

The overall harmony and sophistication are suitable for the workplace environment

The next plus point for the uniform is the overall office outfit. The shirt has a strange design with dark gray pants such as restoring the prominence to keep the costume with the delicate line. In general, this design will give your customers an interesting and impressive view of the business as well as the restaurant and hotel service business you are doing.






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