Dream Oceanami Villas & Spa.

Besides the quality of service elements, the external appearance, especially the office uniforms, is focused on by businesses. Company uniforms not only solve the problem of creating clothes uniformity but also has effective advertising strategies. Because of the benefits that uniforms has brought, many businesses have come to A Concept – a prestigious uniform address to get cheap and beautiful uniform designs. One of the businesses that A Concept was pleased to serve is Dream Oceanami Villas & Spa.

About Dream Ocenami

Dream Oceanami is a leading resort and entertainment in Vietnam located in Long Hai beach. Built on a total area of 22ha, Dream Oceanami Villas & Spa promises to be an exciting entertainment destination unprecedented in Vietnam. This integrated resort will give domestic and foreign visitors a distinct impression of the “sea travel style”.

A different impression of the “sea travel style”

Dream Ocean Villas & Spa is owned by Cherry Blossom Tourism Joint Stock Company, Beegreen Joint Stock Company. Dream Hotel Group is a company that operates all of the resort’s activities.

Dream Hotel Group is a corporation with a 30-year history of management in the hospitality industry. In particular,it is in the most competitive places in the world. Through uniforms, Dream Hotel Group wants to look forward to the image of professionalism and high class. The resort stretches and includes many services with different positions and staff, so there are many separate uniforms. However, uniform needs uniformity. Therefore, A Concept designers decided to choose the color palette with 4 basic colors, and the uniform of each staff member would increase or decrease the density of the four colors below: (conceptual colors).

Dream Oceanami Uniform


Bell – doorman uniform designed luxuriously, beautifully is an important first factor for any hotel. Contribute positively to creating beautiful and professional images for customers, bellman uniforms are politely designed with shirts and trousers. Shirts with the highlights are different colors of two sleeves.


The impressive receptionist uniform represents professionalism right from the first impression. Bellman uniform is with deep pink and purple colors, and then come to the light pink purple of the receptionist uniform. Men’s and women’s uniforms are with common highlights are stripes in front of the chest. The uniforms of the female receptionists are more graceful by the design of an innovative long-sleeved shirt, with a bow tie attached to the waist.

Guest relation uniform

In the hotel lobby team, there is a customer relations department. They are the first to welcome customers when they started arriving at the hotel. The staff in this department are the ones who bring to customers the additional services, ensuring to give customers the best impression in the deepest way from the moment they step to the hotel until leaving.

They are the factors that help the hotel keep and bring loyal customers to the hotel. The uniform of the staff of this department is not much different from the receptionist. Special highlight is the color change. The line divides the shirt in between, and with the female staff’s design the tie is tied to the middle of the shirt.

Restaurant uniform

The uniform is designed dynamically and youthfully, slightly in the direction of the sea tourism resort. It is designed with a very cool blue color. Men’s staff uniform designs are with blue striped shorts and shirt with a combination of white and blue. The female staff uniform designs are with the same shirt as the male’s but is tightened at the waist. The design is similar to the fake skirt style which is both keeping the charm and bringing comfort when working.

Sky bar

Với tính chất bar ngoài trời, sự phóng khoáng và tự do được mang vào trong đồng phục. Đồng phục nam mạnh mẽ, khỏe khắn với quần sooc, kết hợp áo sơ mi không cổ và vest. Đồng phục nữ nổi bật và ấn tượng với váy có vạt phía trước được nhấn thêm túi dài.

With the outdoor bar, the broad-mindedness and freedom are brought into the uniform. Men’s uniform is strong with shorts, combining neckless shirts and vests. The striking and impressive female uniform with the skirt having flap in the front with extra long pockets.

Maison Long Hai restaurant uniform

Maison Long Hai has a space filled with natural light, Maison Long Hai has two airy floors including indoor and outdoor areas. Long Hai’s staff uniform stand out in a natural setting with a cross-over design shirt with and two distinctly sections, a slippery side and a side with overlay pattern.

Sangria Lounge

At Sangria Lounge, you are served fine cocktails, with a rich snack menu. In particular, the play area for the family’s tiny members. The staff uniform here is a combination of color between purple and white. The highlight of the uniform is the hip waistline which looks like an apron with the front pocket.

Son’s bar staff

For the purpose of serving little children, the female staff at Son’s bar also offers fresh, cute uniforms with “ao yem” and shorts. Male staff is allowed to wear shorts with straps.

Life guard

Life guard staff uniform is always impressive at even at the first sight.. The color of the orange is unmistakable and printed with Life guard red text on the back of the shirt.


With the same design for men and women, the uniforms with a polite neck part and the division of the shirt into two parts by vertical blue stripe pattern is added to the upper body of the shirt.


The Therapist’s staff identified with a pair of pants and a long lap of the dress. Clothes are designed in minimalistic colors, just some highlight by the purple stripes in the lap of the dress.

Chef and cook uniform

The kitchen staff will put on a black shirt for chef and white shirt for cook. Uniform designs will always have aprons and hats. Besides, the uniform is dotted with a ribbon on the apron.



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