Reception is an important position in the company. Reception is considered as the face of the business. Therefore, to enhance the image, businesses always choose candidates with professional styles and good looks. In addition, to help receptionists make a good impression on customers, businesses also focus on investing in

Reception uniforms always have the variety in designs and colors. However, the most often that we can see is the ao dai. Ao dai is not only a beauty in Vietnamese clothing and culture but also the feature in restaurant and hotel costumes.

Áo dài is dress for all ages. It has become the standard outfit for special occasions, national holidays, weddings, Tết holiday, graduation ceremonies or important competitions. When attending a special event, the Áo Dài is always a prioritized choice of costume by Vietnamese women. It contributes to enhance the beauty, and express national pride at the same time. In order not to go against the rules of society, businesses building their image will choose Áo Dài as representative images.

The designs of Reception Ao Dai

Nowadays, with the development of fashion, the style of clothing is also transformed. Ao Dai is designed with many innovations. Combining national culture with modern fashion elements creates unique features of national Ao Dai. In order to match the business criteria, the reception Ao Dai will have many different variations


The style of the Ao Dai will depend on the shirt, neck and sleeve. With the traditional Ao Dai, the collar is high and tight with long sleeves and shirt-piece. Many restaurants and hotels choose traditional Ao Dai as uniforms for receptionists in order to honor the beauty of the country’s costumes and culture. Sometimes the reception Ao Dai is combined with the circular headgear to make it become more charming. However, the traditional Ao Dai style also causes many inconveniences in the process of working. Therefore, restaurants and hotels tend to choose a moden style of Ao Dai as office uniform

With the shoter design of the shirt-piêc, the collar is also changed into a short round neck or short neck. The sleeves were changed to badger or short-sleeved, the inner pant was changed to western or jean. With a modern design, modernized Ao Dai will help receptionists more comfortable in the process of working. Modernized Ao Dai has retained the traditional but equally dynamic modern style.


Reception uniform of Golf Phu My

With a variety of colors, receptionist dresses are not limited by any standard of color. The commonly used colors are light yellow, red, orange, turquoise … The color of the uniform must be in harmony with each other and match the representative image of the company.


The popular garment material is veil, silk, brocade, buckets, non-silk or lace. Veil and silk material are often used by its softness and airiness. To make them more charming, lace is also commonly used.

Men’s reception Ao Dai uniform

Reception dresses are not only for women. Male receptionists can also wear Ao Dai. Men’s reception Ao Dai is sewn well and relatively comfortable in order for their moving is more convenience in comparison to the women.

Every country, every nation has its own traditional costumes. And every business also has its own image identification uniform. Ao dai is the way to affirm the image is both unique and meaningful. Because Ao Dai is the embodiment of the Vietnamese people which is dainty but font beauty. Dresses are present in corporate businesses. Ao dai is a testament to the preservation of national identity. We integrate and develop with the world but do not let ourselves be dissolved.


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