Meaning of hotel uniforms

What you can easily see when you step into the hotel is the image of well-dressed, neat and professional staff. The investment in staff image helps the hotel space become more classy and more formal. With professional images, it is easy for customers to choose your hotel to become a place to stay and take rest. The image of the fresh staff in uniform with friendly working style will contribute to the standard quality of service that you bring to their trip.

The choice of sewing hotel uniforms is now very easy because more and more made uniforms are available. But selecting the available made uniforms always brings duplication, mass and lack of monopoly. Therefore, to ensure the identity and harmony in the design between the uniform and architecture and interior of the hotel, you should choose the partner specializing in uniform design and tailoring. A Concept is pleased to become a hotel uniform company which is trusted by many hotels. Belows are some of the A Concept designs that have collaborated with famous hotels.

New World Hotel’s uniform

Design inspiration that A concept uses for New World hotel

With all designs at A Concept, the hotel staff will always feel great and comfortable. The designs for New World Hotel with the main colors are gray, blue, red and white. With these colors, New World employees always truly stand out an harmony with the luxurious and classy space of New World.

The color of the uniform will have a direct impact on the customers’ evaluation as well as contribute to the brand identity. The blue on the hotel uniform is a commitment to protecting your interests, caring and wanting to be trusted. With a warm red, A Concept wants to bring a lot of positive energy and enjoyment to the wearer. Steady gray and clean white will be neutral for blue and red. Let’s take a look at the outstanding uniforms in the New World uniforms

Sheraton SAI GON staff uniform

Exploiting traditional main tone of Sheraton such as orange brown, gray, golden orange …combining with typical patterns to create a modern overall but still antique. Modern style like body dress or western waistcoats combined with traditional Ao Dai with two pieces. The combination between modern and tradition expresses the interference between the east and the west. For instance, a combination of hand-tied Chinese buttons on the vest…

The patterns printed in the fabric

By this design style, Sheraton Saigon completely embodies a new look which seems familiar but extremely fresh.  Use traditional beauty on a new journey, readiness and new experiences, modern and integrated.

With the design of the above hotel uniforms, A Concept wishes to give our partners a new look at the brand identity design uniforms. We always aspire to accompany the “heart-scope” businesses to contribute to the unique and professional image in the hospitality industry in Vietnam and international.

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