Who is the waiter?

Restaurant staff takes care of directly serving meals at the restaurant. This position requires employees to be knowledgeable about professional skills as well as the nature of work. Besides, waiters must also create a sympathetic look from the guests. They help customers feel most welcomed and comfortable when being served. The image of professional staff helps attract and keep continuity of the familiar customers.

Replacing uniforms, ensuring personal hygiene standards, behaving according to regulations is the first task before each shift. The hotel waiter uniform is a means to support employees at work.

Not only ensures hygiene criteria but also helps to define the restaurant’s own features, uniforms for waiters are the feature of the hotel restaurant. This is the face of the restaurant. Therefore, uniforms for waiter must have specific standards of design and quality.

Uniform design for waiters

Today restaurants and hotels are opening more and more. This is a fertile business area but also full of fierce competition. Some restaurants build their brand by having the most special dishes restaurant. Some choose to bring diverse cuisine souls from different regions, others bring foreign cuisine in a way that is suitable for Vietnamese culture…

In addition to invest in the menu, restaurants are always investing properly in staff uniforms.Uniforms for the restaurant staff will carry the brand identity of the restaurant. Based on business ideas and serving dishes that form waiter uniforms. The restaurant serves traditional Vietnamese dishes, uniforms can be the modernized Ao Dai, or traditional shirt of Southern people/ Your restaurant serves dishes of other countries, uniforms can be inspired by the traditional costumes of that country.

The waiter uniforms also can be inspired by the interior design of the restaurant. Uniform is designed consistently with the pattern of the logo or the architecture. The most popular is restaurant uniforms designed in European style waiter with waistcoat, shirts and trousers.\

Accessories included with waiter uniforms

Styles, colors, and materials of uniforms can be changed to suit each restaurant’s criteria. However, there are certain accessories that must be together with the uniform:

Waiter hat

Waiter hat gives both aesthetic feeling and avoid falling hair into food

The first is waiter hat or hairpin for women. Food hygiene and safety is a top priority when serving food, in order to avoid hair falling into the dishes, the waiter head is a necessary accessory.


The second is an apron. Although the waiter is not the one creating dishes, they also need to wear an apron. Wear an apron to keep their clothes always clean. In order to contribute to the safety of employees if there is a problem of food spilling on people.

Apron help to keep hygiene better

Most importantly, no matter what accessories you use with your uniform, make sure they are designed not too big. Accessories must be helpful and honor the beauty of the uniform.

In fact, when ordering serving uniforms, not all uniform sewing units can create perfect uniforms and ensure all the given criteria. It is very important to find the right partner for your company’s uniform. All reputable uniform sewing companies have their own design department, well-trained consultants who can both listen and share ideas with customers..

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