Quality comes from design, are the terms used to describe the most famous hotel uniforms in Da Nang -MUZE COCOBAY.

The class named MUZE COCOBAY DA NANG

COCOBAY is the largest super-tourism entertainment project in Vietnam. It is located in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang with a multi-style combination. Muze Cocobay Da Nang was born with the appearance of a modern town and attractive contemporary style. Bring the image of a young city to the coastal land, Muze Cocobay is as an attractive magnet reflecting clearly the youthful energy and passion for visitors’ life. It is composed of 3 large hotels and luxury resorts and apartments showing the strong development of the hospitality industry in Central Vietnam.

Innovative uniform appearance

A Concept is extremely honored to be able to cooperate in building a new image for MUZE hotel. MUZE is one of the three largest hotels in the COCOBAY complex. Exploiting the minimalistic liberal image gives visitors the lightest feeling. Gray tones are suitable with interior colors and architecture. Combine gray with a long-sleeved dress for women to create lightness. Similarly, the gray color of men’s pants creates dynamism. Highlights from decorative details on the collar, sleeves with gray camo fabric creates harmoniously combination for the outfit, with a comfortable and wide body shape, the wearer is comfortable when working with high intensity.

Uniforms for staff at the hotel lobby (Bell Boy)

With 3 main color tones: orange, white, gray. Aconcept’s design staff created two designs for the lobby staff based on the spirit of liberal, dynamic but extremely stylish. The breaks down button-down neck style design is used. Not the usual shirt with middle button, it is a high standard button-down set with two buttons running parallel and gile neck deeply combined with a white shirt accented in the shirt, collar and orange wrist which is a harmonious combination and extremely fit.

Receptionist and Receptionist supervisor uniform

Receptionist supervisor

Considered as the right-hand arm of managers. Supervisors play an important role in coordinating the business activities of hotels and restaurants. Therefore, the costume for a supervisor must always be polished. Costumes always exude a healthy, polite but equally powerful power. For men, it is the design of a vest based on two main colors, orange and white. The change that changed from white to orange combined with a jacket from orange to white created an interesting novelty. Female supervisor uniform is with waistline, body skirt, and gile, and vest bring the power, solemn,  moral and discipline.


Receptionist used the same tone with the reception department of Muze Cocobay Danang. Aconcept brings extremely stylish, and fashionable designs. Catch up with the trend of a cross-tail fishtail skirt, the elbow arm and the bobbing point on the shoulder, the design is both soft and flexible, both attractive and eye-catching.

Rooming staff

The highlight of the uniform is concentrated in 2 elements. It is a harmonious combination of colors and work characteristics. This choice of colors always brings a sense of cleanliness. With the form of bow tie at the waist is the current trend because of the simplicity and comfort for the wearer.

Hotel manager

Manager is a person who monitors and evaluates the quality and performance of the staff or team in charge. They will supervise, handle unexpected situations in work … so dress up on them always exudes politeness. Showing the position, manager’s role is also a factor that the uniform cannot ignore. Because of this understanding, Aconcept designed three separate management templates. The neutral gray design is the dominant, accent on the slender sleeves and neck. Male Manager is still a vest with black trousers, simple but do not forget to press in color, and the line runs in different colors between shirts.

Bar staff ( Lobby bar)

With the bar staff, it’s a sweet way. The gile pattern is no longer simple but has been adorned with a bow tie at the waist. Accompanied by neutral colors are puffy sleeves in women, elegant shirts in men.

Supervisory staff: (Admin Officer)

Colors continue to take full advantage of this design. Creating links in the entire hotel staff system. Perfect comes from details.

With the investment, refinement in terms of image, and hotel appearance, Aconcept believes that Muze Cocobay Da Nang will continue to grow and affirm its position in the current Hotel Services industry called “Style – Fashion”.




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