A Concept is honored to be a partner of Consulting – Design – Production uniforms for Fusion Suites Saigon staff.


Famous for its success with pioneering service approach, and health care, Serenity Holding Group is expanding its Fusion brand with the first hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Brand name is Fusion Suites Saigon.

At Fusion Suites Saigon, there are 71 suite rooms with modern and minimalist design. They are fully equipped. The integrated kitchen area inside the room is ideal for couples, families or frequent travelers. All rooms have large floor-to-ceiling windows with plenty of natural light. This design serves the need to expand the view straight to the park and the city.

Cooperation between Aconcept with Fusion Suites Saigon

Staff uniform is an extremely important factor. Uniforms create a beautiful and professional impression for beauty centers, and customers health care. In addition, the beauty care uniform needs to be maintained and is able to protect staff’s daily health. Therefore, Fusion Suites Saigon has chosen A Concept. A Concept is honored to be the Fusion Suites Saigon staff design and production unit.

Design inspiration:

Inspired by the characteristic health care philosophy combined with long-term experience in the costume design industry for Vietnam’s hospitality industry, A Concept has created the quintessential costumes of the Fusion brand. In addition, it also brings perfect performance for the wearer.

The design is based mainly on the body line. Understand the characteristics of the human body and the different facets that you put to design. Creatively break the normal way and different experience to create the most perfect outfit. Light, durable, soft fabric, class and elegance and good moisture absorption material helps the wearer feel comfortable.

Based on designs inspired by the female body contours, Aconcept designed a long-sleeved shirt that cleverly show a woman’s body beauty. The turmeric color that comes with brown creates a gentle and relaxing feeling for the opposite person.


Gentle, cool gray colors like a breeze dispel all the hot feeling on summer days. Shirt button line is improved with cross-neck, vertical neck. In addition, the stylized cutting collar with bull collar combined with the collar, dark colored sleeves, fully implemented the task of expressing the elegance and traditional

Neutral colors provide a friendly look

Uniform pants are sleekly designed with sufficient length to ankle. Moderately wide pants, not too tight to the body, this design helps tall women become more balanced and elegant. At the same time, it helps showing body with longer and slender legs.

Fabric material:

High quality, soft, airy, good hygroscopic and antibacterial fabric material make the body always comfortable. With this material, it will make the Fusion Suites Saigon staff uniform difficult to fade, easy to clean, help the wearer save more time.

Connection in design:

A concept utilizes color-based alignment with female uniform designs. However, in men design, it will be somewhat stronger, not as soft as that of women’s shirts.

Product quality

Every seam on Aconcept’s finished product is elaborated in every detail. Sewing seams using specialized sewing thread. Along with that is the advanced sewing technology with international level and sophistication, which helps to bring the wearer the most solid feeling during using time.

This is a completely new design, and the new design idea is the optimal weapon to help Fusion Suites Saigon easily locate its brand. Promising in the future will be a big boom of Fusion Suites in the hotel service industry.

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