Target users: staff uniform

Material: kate

Color: various options according to fabric catalog

Pricing: contact

Some restaurants and hotels are always geared towards simplicity. So it is difficult to find a suitable outfit for employees. This is the uniform that will satisfy you.

The combination of colors creates special effects ( photo caption)

The image of a young, elegant and polite staff with a care white dress. With this elegant image, it is impossible to attract and sympathize with customers. Simple is not only a color but also a pattern. Simple is to make the people’s eyes always on the uniform and also has its own impression. So what is the point of this outfit?

The highlight comes from simplicity and elegance ( photo caption)

That is the part of the sleeve with a brown striped pattern and the middle of the shirt which is cut into a V-shaped look that is both fancy and attractive. Only those elements have made a special uniform and are not mistaken from anywhere. Besides, the costume also uses Kate fabric which crystallized from two materials: cotton yarn and polyester fiber which are often used to make uniforms thanks to the sweat absorbing and soft features to create a comfortable feeling. for the wearer.

Let’s take a look at these uniforms!

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