Which designs and motifs will become 2019 fashion trends? 2019 fashion trends appear many styles and simple designs but very attractive and distinctive patterns.

The fashion trend changes every year. This 2019 fashion designers create new breeze with outstanding designs. Therefore, this year’s fashion will help fashion followers have more choices and suitable for many people.  

The feminine style combined with personality will be the 2019 fashion trend

As we know, fashion styles change every year and have many new and attractive styles. 2019 fashion trends stand out and will be favoured such as bike shorts, pleated costumes or buffed sleeve shirt design. These will be a series of fashion trends this year.

  1. Godet Dress

Although godet costumes have appeared before, but in 2019, these delicate folds is the fashion trend of 2019. This godet outfit has changed and is more complicated. Designers are creating more sophisticated designs and maximum motion effects. This will bring a more attractive and attractive look.


  1.  Puffed sleeves design

As expected, the 2019 fashion trend has the appearance of bulging sleeves shirt and dress. The fluffy puffed sleeves design will help girls’ shoulders become more feminine. Spring – Summer 2019 fashion show has presented many designs with puffy shoulder. They are especially prominent when combined with the square collar style. In particular, this Puffed sleeves design also helps girls with large biceps, so it is a good choice to conceal their hand.

 The design helps to conceal the big arm’s shortcomings and increase the sweetness for the wearer ( photo caption)
  1. Bike shorts

This style has mopped up the catwalk this year and hasn’t yet to show signs of cooling down. It helps girls become more characteristics and dynamic.

The Puffed sleeves design brings classic beauty and also charming

The motifs explode in fashion trends 2019

Patterns of polka dots, fringes or feathers, mesh details are feverish and explosive motifs of fashion trends this year.

+ Patterns of polka dots: Although it’s quite popular but polka dots will continue to become more impressive in 2019. Looming in the luxurious image of the 50s, whenever polka dots appear on the floor Fashion shows are all interesting because the modernized versions is more diversified.

Patterns of polka dots is a pattern that has never been out of fashion ( photo caption)

+ Net design: this year 2019, the net will catch the attention of fashion followers. It creates the charm, sensuality and novelty for those who wear them. Besides, the net designs are also easy to combine with simple pants and t-shirts. The net shirt will add the highlights and audacious for the dress.

+ Fringes or feathers: the fashion trend of 2019 will be the throne of the fringed or feather detail that has been on the catwalks. Sparkling fringes and feathers always give a colorful picture.

Fringed motifs are extremely eye-catching ( photo caption)

Bright colors are favored in 2019 fashion trends

The bright colors will definitely explode and dominate the fashion market in 2019. The colors of lemon yellow and butter yellow will bring extremely outstanding and attractive costumes. In addition, soft colors are popular and cause fever in this spring-summer season.

Bright, brilliant colors create exciting energy for the new day ( photo caption)

Thereby, it can be said that 2019 fashion trend has many styles and unique, attractive features. The motifs and designs are suitable for many subjects. Thus, fashion followers should not ignore these. To have for themselves a charming fashion style that also shows the characteristics.


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