For every business, it is very important to affirm their name in the customer’s heart. They don’t need to know the quality of your hotel restaurant service like, but the satisfaction from the first sight has been a successful first step in conquering the customers. How to give customers a good impression right from the beginning? How do customers see the professionalism of the company from the first glance? Professionalism is reflected in the uniform selected for receptionists. Not only important in style, designs, the uniforms must show the individual characteristics of each business.

The important thing of the reception uniform is different and impressive. In addition, these uniforms also need a neat and polite design. In order to have a nice and prominent reception uniform, the following elements must be ensured:

Different design

The first standard to choose a reception restaurant or hotel uniform is different. The difference in design, and style. Not only that, the color element will also make the uniform different. The difference helps your company’s receptionist not be confused with anyone or any business.

Elegant, and delicate design

As the first and direct contact with customers, the image of the receptionist needs to be perfectly ordered. Costumes having too cumbersome designs, blinding colors will not bring the expected effect. Reception uniform must be elegantly and trendily designed.

Suitable material

Depending on the different designs, the fabric used for reception uniform is also different. But whichever fabric is used will be ensured that the fabric has good absorbency, anti-wrinkle.

Get measurements directly

Direct measurement on the wearer will help create a hotel reception uniform that fits the body which brings the maximum beauty of the uniform and creates comfort for the staff.

And if you haven’t figured out what a uniform is a nice reception uniform, together with us, we will have a look at the highlight reception and restaurant uniforms designed by talented designers of A Concept.

Outstanding reception uniform

Dream Oceanami  Villas & Spa

Reception uniforms at Dream Oceanami Villas & Spa has two designs for men and women. The uniform stands out by the unmistakable purple and pink colors. And be more highlighted by striped patterns. The uniforms of the hotel restaurants for women are usually Ao Dai, and reception Ao Dai at Dream Oceanami Villas & Spa is especial because it is an innovative style, worn with trousers to bring maximum comfort to the staff.

Fusion Suites Saigon

Next is a uniform pattern that focuses on healthy and active image. Following a pattern as others, many people think that reception uniform is Ao Dai. However, the reception uniform designed for Fusion Suites Saigon Hotel is stylish pull shirt


Outstanding reception uniform of Majestic hotel

Reception uniform is in a luxurious and classic style. The male receptionist will be extremely attractive with classic office shirts and black vests. In order to bring elegance and nobility to female receptionist, black traditional Ao Dai is extremely effective. The logo of the Majestic Hotel is embroidered prominently on the shirt.

Uniform of Sheraton Saigon Hotel

There are many ways to make a uniform to be different. In addition to the modernized Ao Dai, there will be stylized motifs on the shirt, plus two distinct orange shades on the sleeves and body part of the shirt, creating a unique reception uniform. The highlight of the design is also in the circular headgear accessories.

Phu My Golf Hotel

Below are the outstanding receptionist designs for Phu My Golf. With the care of the image, the receptionists of Phu My Golf Hotel are invested with 2 kinds of costume. The seemingly popular design added the  green-color lines of the hotel symbol are enough to help receptionists become attractive and special.

Reception uniform of Golf Phu My

The above is one of the outstanding receptionist uniforms that A Concept has been honored to design for prestigious hotels and resorts. With absolute satisfaction from customers who have cooperated, we always hope to bring you a good-looking and unique identity through uniform designs.

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