Uniforms have confirmed their indispensable role in any business organization. Improving the organizational position, position of enterprises, and creating the unique identity for the company is always something that leaders always aim for. And obviously the first factor to do is sewing company office uniforms, staff uniforms. Office uniforms not only create a unified, professional level at the workplace, but also have effective advertising methods for businesses.

Beautiful uniforms also help employees work more professionally and confidently. Because of its great role, it is necessary to sew beautiful office uniforms. Currently, there are many large businesses have come to A Concept to own the most satisfactory uniforms. One of the international customers that A Concept is pleased to cooperate with is the Melia hotel in Yangon-Myanmar.

Melia Yangon-Myanmar

Melia is the most modern 5-star hotel in Yangon connected directly with the new Myanmar Plaza shopping mall. Located opposite the unique Inya Lake, Melia Yangon offers new eateries such as exclusive Vietnamese restaurants, pure Mediterranean restaurants, trendy Garbo bars and lively dining restaurants all day.

Melia Yangon is a luxurious hotel with elegant, modern interior design. Melia Yangon is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Office uniform for hotel

Melia Yangon’s professionalism and excellence are also reflected in work uniforms. Each department, each staff level has a separate uniform. The hierarchy which is shown through uniforms shows the growth and development of the hotel. The uniform at Melia with the colors of calm shows the professional and stable manner of the staff. Melia Yangon’s uniform is elegant, minimalist, confident and harmonious.


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