Sewing professional uniforms

A Concept Company is one of the leading brands for sewing males office uniforms. We specialize in designing and tailoring uniforms, specifically office uniforms, hotel & restaurant uniform.

With our motto: “you will like it when wearing it”. We are committed to dedicated products with high aesthetics. The products are always meticulously tailored. We are willing to support, free advices on models, prices, product materials to bring trust from customers.

The most popular male uniforms nowadays

Male’s office uniform vest

This is the top uniform model applied by many corporate companies. Male’s vest has been associated with elegance and luxury long time ago. Male’s vest is always an indispensable suit for business men. A standard men’s suit will be a vest that incorporates shirts and pants. This is a classic but always effective combination for men in all cases expressing elegance and fashionable. When combined with men’s shirts and men’s casual pants, the wearers should pay attention about combining harmonious colors.

Office shirt uniforms

This is also the most popular type of office uniform that many businesses order. Men’s trousers combined with shirts will enhance the masculine and elegant beauty. Investment costs for male office uniforms are quite affordable. Therefore, the sewing of shirts is very suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Male’s office gile uniform

The male office gile uniform usually brings neatness, masculinity but equally elegant. Gile creates a dynamic and modern fashion style, expressing maturity. Although it is not as sophisticated and stylish as other clothes, the male Gile uniform has a huge advantage that is easy to combine with many types of costumes. Currently, A Concept owns a variety of different models with competitive prices.

Requirements specifically for making male’s uniforms

Firstly, male office uniforms must show the cultural beauty and outstanding features of the company. The uniforms make it easy for people to identify the corporate and organizational images.

Secondly, male office uniforms stand out, exuding a masculine and luxurious look.

Third, male office uniforms are used every day by corporate employees. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the most comfortable and convenient. Uniforms need to be sewn widely, cool fabric material will contribute to increasing work efficiency.

Male’s office uniform factory – the top choice of many companies

When you come to A Concept, a sewing uniform company in Ho Chi Minh City, you always get a clear contract. Including: detailed quotation, product information, product quantity, delivery time, product exchange and return process, …

Our young design team is always creative about ideas which will make customers satisfied. We are committed to designing the most beautiful corporate uniforms, restaurant & hotel uniforms with distinctive features for each unit.

Highly skilled technical team, divided according to expertise, perform different product lines with modern and specialized machinery and equipment. A Concept promises to bring you professionalism in every detail.

You can find other services via our hotline: 0909 904 364.

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