High class Fusion Maia- Resort

Da Nang is a city worth living in where has a majestic landscape, friendly people and countless resort hotels. Located on beautiful My Khe beach, Fusion Maia Da Nang is one of the resort hotels which should be in your destination list. Fusion Maia offers visitors the typical health care experience of Fusion.

Coming to Fusion Maia Da Nang, your trip is not only a vacation but also a lifestyle. Guests will always can feel Fusion’s 03 core value: Healthy – Exquisite – Unique which are expressed in every aspect, from architecture, living space, menus, services, people … and uniforms. of employee. A Concept is pleased to be trusted by Fusion Maia for office uniform design.

Staff Uniform of Fusion Maia

The office Fusion Maia staff uniform is designed to take the gray tone as the main theme. Gray is the color that businesses prefer because of its meaning. Gray symbolizes professionalism at work. Besides gray is the color of stability and harmony. Non-sophisticated design will easily be compatible with every physique. The lollar part helps to create the elegant and modern look for the wearer. The Fusion logo will be designed on the left side of the chest. In addition, the design becomes impressive by button lines, buttons of different colors will be interlaced on the shirt.

Fusion Maia has the motto “always be yourself, never try to be like someone”. With this motto,  Fusion Maia has shown its own impression. It affirms identity and features through services bearing bold imprints. And more importantly, Fusion Maia has invested properly in staff uniforms. Through staff uniforms to affirm the unique and professional image.

What about your business? You are on the way to assert your brand. You want to promote your brand widely and effectively. Not only improve service quality, let your brand be upgraded through work uniforms. We have been trusted and chosen by many businesses, so don’t hesitate to call A Concept for advice.


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