The role of Bellman

Bellman is the hotel lobby division. The bellman’s mission is to take and pick up luggage, provide information about the hotel. Bellman instructs guests to check in and recommend hotel services. Tasks in a hotel are divided into many areas. In which, serving customers like carrying luggage and transporting them to the room is the daily task of the Bellman.

Bellman uniform design of Dream Ocenami

When the customers come to make a reservation at a large hotel, they will definitely meet these staffs. They not only help customers to carry their luggages to the room carefully, but also share a lot of useful information for customers, helping them have many opportunities to catch information timely.

Because of the work’s nature, bellman work directly with the. Bellman is the first and last to show the professionalism of the hotel to the guests. Their images directly affect the customer’s impression on the hotel.

Bellman department ò Muong Thanh Hotel

Therefore, all the hotel pay attention to the appearance of bellman staff. The bellman’s uniform design in accordance with the standards for bellman staff is the right way enhance the hotel’s professionalism. The image of the bellman must always be presentable and polite. The conscientiously, professional service attitude came from working style to uniform will gain trust from customers.

So to sew a beautiful and luxurious bellman uniform, what should be paid attention to?

The bellman uniform must have its own standards of style, quality and design which can’t be confused with other departments. The bellman uniform needs to be sewn separately with its own characteristics. The bellman uniform is often inspired by the royal army of western countries. When looking at clothes, we can see the seriousness, elegance and healthiness.

In addition, the bellman uniform not only needs to be polite, but it must also show the friendliness and hospitality.


The bellman costume usually has elegant colors, avoiding too bright colors. Colors are often chosen to make the main bellman costume gray or red. Depending on the style of the hotel you can choose for a different color to look more special.

Colors are usually used for Bellman uniform


Because of the royal army’s inspiration, uniforms often have highlights in the collar, sleeves, and shoulders. And it is impossible not to mention the highlight from the buttons. Depending on the requirements of the hotel, the design can also be changed to best suit.

Appropriate design will create aesthetic and comfortable feeling for the wearer


The nature of work must move and carry things, so the bellman uniform needs to be sewn on cool, sweat absorbing materials.

In addition to the main outfit, there are also accessories such as hats, belts and gloves. These accessories contribute to increase the elegance of the outfit.

Service style, friendly smile and beautiful, luxurious bellman uniform is a fast and effective way to impress the customers. In order to have beautiful and trendy outfits, in addition to the above factors, it is necessary to choose a prestigious uniform sewing unit.

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